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Cooperation with S.A. Atlantis

As study and alumni associations of UCT, UCTAA and Atlantis both have a strong interest in collaborating on initiatives that benefit both students and alumni. Below, you can find an overview.


Despite our mutual interest in cooperation, UCTAA is an entirely separate association from S.A. Atlantis. This means that alumni no longer need an Atlantis membership to take part in alumni activities (since they are now organised by UCTAA rather than an Atlantis AlumniCo). However, this also means that a UCTAA membership will not allow alumni to take part in Atlantis activities or make use of Atlantis facilities such as the tally list at the Aquarium. The following paragraphs outline the agreements UCTAA has made with Atlantis regarding memberships.

For the first year of UCTAA, the year 2019/2020, there was a dual membership agreement between UCTAA and Atlantis to aid the transition from the alumni committee to a proper Alumni Association. This agreement worked as follows: Normally, each association would annually charge €10 for membership. Meaning that members of both associations would pay a total of €20. The temporary dual membership agreement stipulated that UCTAA members were exempt from paying the UCTAA membership fee if they were Atlantis members. However, Atlantis and UCTAA had to check and communicate to make sure that you were really a member of both associations.

Going forward, UCTAA and Atlantis no longer maintain a formal agreement. Instead, Atlantis has decided to introduce an alumni membership at a reduced fee of €3.50. UCTAA membership costs are unaffected by whether someone is a member of Atlantis or not. This approach has the advantage that the memberships are truly independent from each other, and that no sharing of member data between the two associations is required. Although alumni-focused events will be organised by UCTAA, , there are still significant benefits to being a member of Atlantis: to attend Atlantis activities (e.g. prom), to stay a member of the Advisory Body or other Atlantis committees, to use the tally list, to support Atlantis, or simply for nostalgic reasons.

Cooperation on Events

We see shared events that benefit both alumni and current students as one of the most important ways in which Atlantis and UCTAA can collaborate. This collaboration for example led to the Alumni Talks being organized for current UCT students to enjoy. Also, we see cooperation with Atlantis in preparing for the Batavierenrace as very useful. We are working with Atlantis to see what other events we can organize together. Stay tuned for more information!